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 hey ladies, my name is Shiloh, i havent been on in ages it feels like but im coming back around i missed how supportive communities on livejournal can be and im here for anyone who needs it, dont be afraid to message me if you wanna talk :) 
Just join the community! (: I'm extremely friendly and support everyone! Recovering, not recovering... etc. But I am totally against people coming on here wanting to LEARN to be ana or mia. Its not something you learn overnight or something you can shut off instantly. Idk, I just get a little peeved with people like that.. but whatever floats your boat. (: 

Username: SecureSkinny
Age: 21
Height: 5'1
Current Weight: 144lbs
Goal Weight: 120-128lbs [for now]
Highest Weight: 188lbs
Lowest weight: ?
ED: Ana
Diagnosed?: Yes.
How long have you had it?: Wow, since forever. Like 7th or 8th grade
Best Advice: Be happy. 
What makes you happy?: lol not eating?
This community seems very quiet... Where is everybody?????


 im going to louse about 20 pounds by the end of next month!
but i am going to need all the support i can get.
does anyone want to text or IM?
if you do message me and we will exchange information
also anyone want to share myspace accounts, that would be lovelyy
thankyouu lovess !

Highest weight: 135

Current weight: 107-110

Lowest weight: 101

Goal weight: 92

Loveeee Ana&Mia, Kirstenn


hey all! i'm new to this community; i'm actually waiting to be accepted into proanorexia, but its taking forever and i want to comment and post! haha so i'll tell you a little about myself. i have been ana for about 5 years, its a long battle that can never be won. i recently started purging because i found myself compulsively overeating, and i couldnt control that, which made me gain a TON of weight! i finally found the strength to start restricing heavily again, and i couldnt be more happier with my decision, althought i hope to keep my strength, because purging isnt really my thing, i know its bad, but i just cant help it!
 ANYWAYS, enough about me! I've read a ton of posts, and kinda got a feel for everyone. I hope to make a TON of friends, to give/get support and be active in this community!
Cant wait to get to know you all
Think Thin XxX

HEY GIRLS! so i haven't posted in such a long time but during that time, i've GAINED like CRAZY and i feel like a piece of SHIT! i was doing ok until my uncle came to visit! UGHHHH we went out to eat every night and it was like dinner time.... it was like 2 in the morning. I FEEL SO DEPRESSED. so i'm like 130 right now but i've lost like 5 lbs so i feel a BIT better but not enough. so if anyone out there wants to chat tell me cause i really need the support right now. UGHHHHHH

i'm back

hey guys, havent posted on here for a while but kind of need some support at the moment. basically was doing really well until . . . i started seeing this guy and now its quite serious and i'm really really happy BUT

happiness = FAAATTTT!!!!! i've been so wrapped up in him for like two months i hadnt even noticed how much i was eating or how much i'd gained and now we're settled down and past the honeymoon period and back to reality etc etc, i've gained about 9lbs!!!! FUCK.

i look in the mirror and i'm so fucking disgusted with myself i cant believe i let myself get this way and i didnt even fucking notice. my appetite's gone up loads because i was eating like a normal person and now i'm really struggling to get it back down, as soon as i feel the tiniest bit hungry im straight to the fridge and i won't stop until im FULL. not satisfied. FULL. oh shit oh shit oh shit. im going on holiday  on 5th june which is about 5 weeks away i think and i HAVE to get back down to 115 before then or else i might just cry. 

any words of encouragement, thinspo, whatever would be so so so appreciated right now!!

hope you're all doing better than me!!


Apr. 23rd, 2008

Wow something kinda strange happened. I havenet eaten more than 150 calories for the last 4-5 days. This morning I HAD to eat. Usually, when I eat once in a day, it turns into an all out binge.I go the whole day thinking tomorrow the scale will show that I've gained anyway so it doesnt really matter if I eat more today..I've already fucked today up. But this morning it was different. I ate 2 panakakes,3 sausages(those really little ones) and a small bowl of oatmeal. I had to make myself eat it. It was like my body doesnt find enjoyment in food anymore.I havent had hunger pains for about a week and despite my usual routine after a binge i really really dont have a desire to eat. I'm really glad I feel this way but it just seems weird.

NEW! ana/mia.

I've had tons of livejournals but i've never had the freedom of discussing my e.d. before...i'm looking for people to connect with and relate to and to STAY MOTIVATED WITH! i was diagnosed as anorexic..but the past few months i've been b/p...it's really new for me so i guess i'm looking for a lot of support with that...i want to go back to just simply starving ughhhh. 

anyway, contact info would be amazing!! thanks my lil babes. [:

1. What you want to be known as (lj name/real name): sj
2. Height: 5'6
3. Current weight: 108
4. High weight: 140
5. Low weight: 98
6. Goal weight: 102; 98
I have an insane story...tomorrow instead of eating i'll get downstairs and sit my ass down to make another entry [;


i wanna start abc tomorrow.. but ive never done it before and really want to lose a lot from 103-4ish to 93... is the ABC still eating too much, i feel like a fat cow now sitting in my room i havent been to the gym in forever. someone help?!


the greatest high is being thin

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