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thin is in

the greatest high is being thin
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This group is about setting goals for ourselves (with deadlines!!) and encouraging each other to reach these goals! Entries can talk about anything (tips, meals, snacks, quotes, exercises, etc.), but mostly this community is a sort of honesty polilcy/food/workout journal. The idea is to post daily what you ate/how many calories consumed and how much your worked out/how much calories burned. You can weigh in and update us on your progress whenever you want, but on the last day (the deadline) you must report your progress.

Thinspiration is also very encouraged, as long as it is behind a cut!

Progress pictures are also welcome, if you would like to share!

This is what everyone should fill out when joining:
1. What you want to be known as (lj name/real name):
2. Height:
3. Current weight:
4. High weight:
5. Low weight:
6. Goal weight:

Our first deadline is Easter/Spring Break, or around April 5th-8th. Easter is the latest you should have accomplished your goal!

We do not judge here! The main goal is to be honest with yourself (and each other)!!

Have fun! Good luck!!!